Agricultural Co-operatives from Čara on Korčula

P.Z. “ P O Š I P ” ČARA

high-quality wine and excellent wine production

New awards for our wines

Marko Polo 2011  šampion Sabatine 2012

Zlatna medalja „ Gast 2013“ Split

Mostarski sajam vinam 2013 – Šampion bijelih vina


Grape varieties in Vineyards of Čara

Pošip is an autochthonous white vine grape that is primarily grown in the Dalmatian region on the island of Korčula, Croatia. The primary growing regions are in Čara and Smokvica, which are two villages on the island.

Rukatac is the indigenous white grape variety in the Croatian coastal area. In some areas it is known as Marastina.