Agricultural Co-operatives from Čara on Korčula

P.Z. “ P O Š I P ” ČARA

high-quality wine and excellent wine production

New awards for our wines

Marko Polo 2011  šampion Sabatine 2012

Zlatna medalja „ Gast 2013“ Split

Mostarski sajam vinam 2013 – Šampion bijelih vina


“Because of you, I’d rob a bank…”

One croatian song goes “because of you, I would rob a bank”. Well, something similar happened a while ago…

Newspaper article from the year 2007 states: “While the owners of Pošip were on vacation, from the warehouse in Zagreb’s city district Trešnjevka burglars stole several thousand bottles of wine Pošip from Korčula (Marco Polo) and Rukatac in the period between 20 July and 3 August.”

Sabatina: White King in the black wines empire


For the first time in history Sabatina overall winner is - white wine. This is a Pošip “Marco Polo” from vintage 2007, which is produced by agricultural cooperatives, “Čara” from Korčula.