Agricultural Co-operatives from Čara on Korčula

P.Z. “ P O Š I P ” ČARA

high-quality wine and excellent wine production

New awards for our wines

Marko Polo 2011  šampion Sabatine 2012

Zlatna medalja „ Gast 2013“ Split

Mostarski sajam vinam 2013 – Šampion bijelih vina


From the Homeland of Pošip…

Located in the quaint village of Cara on the Dalmatian Island of Korcula, this small vineyard produces one of the most impressive white wines in Europe. The history of the Island of Korcula, the birthplace of the famous traveler, Marco Polo, goes back to Homeric times. The wine making tradition was brought by the Greeks over 3,000 years ago. Posip is a native Dalmatian varietal that produces fragrant medium to full body wines. The Cara Posip pairs very nicely with traditional seafood but also with a hearty pork chop and other grilled meats.